5G Broadband

5G stands for fifth generation and is the most advanced mobile network technology available worldwide.  5G offers speeds that are significantly faster than previous technologies, more reliable connections and comes with better security features, making it a great choice for businesses looking for a cost-effective way to connect with your employees and customers.

With more businesses utilising cloud transfers and storage, more smartphone users, and more Internet of Things (IoT) devices online, 5G ultra-low latency and lightning fast speeds enable us to transmit and process information faster, completely changing the way we work, and therefore transforming the way your business can operate.

4G started the era of mobile broadband whereas 5G has been introduced for a better mobile broadband experience and more capacity to support growth and development of IoT (Internet of Things), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and critical communications.

What does 5G look like and how does it work?

5G is similar to 4G in that it uses radio waves to transmit data across distances over the air. However, 5G can deliver connection speeds of up to 1Gb/s – up to 20x faster compared with average speeds of 20Mb/s on 4G. This means that you are able to download files much quicker from servers on other networks or even from your own computer at home!

5G Broadband connects to a mobile network using a SIM card in a router, and sends data over the same network that is used by mobile phones.

The router will still need to be connected to a power socket but will no longer need to connect to a phone line.

How is 5G better than 4G?

What Do We Offer ?

Our 5G Broadband is a fully managed, wireless internet access solution designed for businesses who want to take advantage of next generation wireless technologies with maximum performance and uptime.
The benefits of 5G including speed, capacity, coverage, and reliability enables businesses to improve productivity and collaboration wherever work happens.